Why Use Our Services


  • We put the customer’s needs first, always.
  • We are truly one-stop shop, efficient and easy.
  • We mitigate environmental liabilities.
  • We decrease your costs and increase your revenues.
  • We are dedicated experts – we know your needs and we solve problems.

How You Benefit from Our Services

  1. Avoid costly compliance penalties for effluent. Allow us to navigate stringent and changing municipal, provincial, federal  effluent discharge codes
  2. Meet and exceed changing environmental laws and qualify as a “Green Business.” Good for your reputation, appreciated by your customers and clients, and more importantly, our planet will benefit. Good planets are hard to find!
  3. Add value to your bottom line through streamlining and efficiencies
    1. Rejuvenation and recycling  of chemicals lowers costs
    2. Silver recovery can pay rebates and lessen environmental impacts
    3. Maximum scrap recovery from your operation
    4. Reduce waste disposal costs
    5. Reduce risks to the your workforce, business and the environment
    6. One stop recycling solution
  4. Improve Employee health and safety through air quality investment, minimizing hazmat risk and reducing waste handling.

Start recycling your materials with Ag Envirotech today and we will decrease your costs and increase your revenues.

We put your needs first, always.

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