Are X-Ray films recyclable?
After the silver is removed from X-Ray films, what remains is a piece of PET plastic that we recycle. Paper envelopes that contained the X-Ray films are also recycled.
Is X-Ray Film a hazardous waste?
Old x-ray films contain silver at five ppm or more concentration, which can leach into groundwater if not properly recycled. It’s safe to assume that all x-ray film has enough silver concentrate to make it harmful to the environment so recycle!
How much silver is in an X-Ray Film?
Based on an average mixed file film lot, there is .03 ounces per pound silver in an X-Ray Film.
Can I shred X-ray film to assure privacy?
Yes – but not with paper or other contaminants. But our recycling process does the work for you – X-rays are shredded prior to our enzyme process where the silver concentrate is removed and all sensitive information is permanently erased.
Do you pay me or do i Pay you for X-Ray Film Recycling?
It depends on how much you have, where it is located and how much sitting work there is to do. Please call or email and we will happily give you a quote.
Do X-Ray film have silver?
Yes, and It is vital to recover the silver from X-Ray films before they are disposed since silver is a precious metal. Other radiology related materials also contain decent amounts of silver which also makes the silver recovery cost effective, and also saves natural resources. Extracted silver during the recycling process is reused in many applications in various industries such as medical, automotive, military, aerospace etc. The world just can not afford to loose silver to landfill.
What types of x-ray films you recycle?
We recycle X Rays from the medical industry, NDT and NDE from the testing industries, Litho film from the printing industry,Dental Films, and some photographic (B+W) films.
Which areas do you pick up from?
Depending on quantity we can pickup from almost anywhere, please get in touch.  We are physically located in BC and Alberta.
Which types of plastic can be recycled?
 PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene), PP (Polypropylene), PS (Polystyrene)
Are you environmentally compliant?
We are fully compliant with environment laws and are able to provide you certification of destruction after recycling. Our process is also environmentally friendly as we use a bridgeable enzyme technique, which is much better than incineration.
How do you dispose of lead aprons in radiology?
We recycle lead aprons by recovering the lead content and re-sell it to a lead smelter for re-use.  100% recovery with no leaching concerns (if this was dumped into landfill). 
Do I have to segregate different types of films before sending them to recycle?
No. We can accept them all mixed and do the sorting for you.  Payment rates vary with the amount of work necessary. 


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