X-Ray Film Recycling

Available in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Seattle

We recycle x ray films from all industries and medical imaging practices.  Industrial x ray, hospitals, veterinary clinics, imaging clinics, dentists, urgent care & chiropractors.  We’ve got you covered.

We pickup all x ray film and we do the legwork!  Film purges, sorting, packing and transporting.  Let us do the work for you!

  • We come to you and do all the heavy lifting
  • We provide all necessary boxes, cages or barrels.  We can even leave some behind for your use between pickups for x ray film scrap
  • Leave the paper jackets on!  We recycle (shred) the paper too, so confidentiality is assured.
  • We can provide certificate of destruction so you can rest assured privacy issues are properly addressed.

We put the Customer's Needs First, Always.

Start recycling your materials with Ag Envirotech today and we will decrease your costs and increase your revenues. Contact Us Now


How does x ray film recycling work?

x ray film recycling

  • Step 1: We amalgamate the x ray film at our plant where it is sorted from paper and by film type.  Paper is further sorted in mixed or white office and shredded, baled and sent to the paper fiber mill.
  • Step 2: The x ray film is chipped into pieces
  • Step 3: The chipped x ray film is bathed in an enzyme which separates the emulsion (where the silver is contained on the film) from the plastic mylar (PET) sheet.
  • Step 4: The plastic is further processed and recycled into PET resin, which is used in several applications including carpet fiber, fleece fabric or other textiles.
  • Step 5: The emulsion – now an enzyme concentrate– is refined to a silver base, eventually ending up as silver bars.