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Our staff are trained, certified and licensed. Our trucks are properly licensed, equipped and ready to go. We are committed to providing you with an economical, hassle free process. Hazardous materials leave your premises only after being entered on a government manifest to ensure that you are protected from any potential fees or fines that may occur if you were to utilize an un-licensed transporter or if someone else improperly handled the wastes.

It is of the utmost importance to have the knowledge of how to properly dispose of or recycle all hazardous and industrial non-hazardous wastes and we, at AG Envirotech, have just that knowledge. We are first and foremost concerned about protecting our customers and secondly of protecting the environment and our communities. Government and municipalities alike have strict regulations in place on how to handle and dispose of industrial and non-hazardous wastes and even innocent sounding materials such as corn syrup can have a negative impact on the environment if poured down the drain in large quantities.

Our solution is cost effective and thorough to make sure that all industrial hazmat and non-hazardous wastes are recycled, repurposed or disposed in a legally compliant and environmentally friendly process. Contact us below for a free onsite consultation so we can assess and assist you with current processes and containment and provide you with an estimate for the removal and disposal services. We are able to offer additional packaging, if needed, a scheduled pick up service and we can bundle this with our other recycling services.

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Start removing your hazardous and industrial waste with Ag Envirotech today. We will decrease your costs and increase your revenues.

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Industrial Waste Materials We Handle:


  • Contaminated water
  • Corrosives, Acids and Caustics
  • Aqueous wastes
  • Industrial Sludge
  • Chemicals



  • Flammables including: Solvents, Thinners, Oils, Fuels, etc.
  • Contaminated gas or diesel
  • Petrolium products: Lubricants, Oils, Hydraulic fluid, Greases etc
  • Paints and resins (water or oil based)
  • Gunwash
  • Inks and solutions
  • Dry cleaning chemicals
  • PCB oils
  • Oily water


At AG Envirotech and our sister company, Blue Planet Recycling, we are experts in finding the best and most economically feasible options for all of our customers. We are committed to “outside the box” thinking that can allow us to recover value from streams of waste that may previously have been liability. We combine Industrial Hazmat and non-hazardous removal with years of recycling experience and production destruction services to truly add value to your company, reduce waste, protect the environment and limit your liability. By partnering with AG Envirotech and Blue Planet Recycling and our “single vendor solution” you can proudly state that your company cares for the Earth.

Why a licensed carrier?
Unless you like enormous fines and potential lawsuits it would be prudent to employ a licensed transport company for the removal of your industrial wastes. Governments are exceptionally strict when it comes to how materials are handled within North America. Fines for improper handling start at $20,000 and, if handled through an un-licensed transporter, liability remains on you until it is properly disposed of. A licensed transporter will have knowledge of safe and legal handling procedures as well as disposal methods. They will advise in preparation for transport to protect you from legal liability that could result from injury due to improper methods. Most importantly, they will provide you with a government manifest. When researching your hazmat transporter, be sure to ask for their official “TR” number.


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