Ag Envirotech provides the following environmental and recycling services:

X-Ray Film Recycling

We recycle x ray films from all industries and medical imaging practices.....
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Chemical Recycling

Effluent Discharge Metering, Management and Compliance for photo, printing and medical industries.....
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Silver Recovery Systems

Equipment for filtering effluent and recovering silver from discharge for photo, printing and medical industries.....
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Aluminum Recycling

Our aluminum recycling program is specifically designed to meet the needs of the printing industries. ....
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Air Quality Monitoring

Ag Envirotech air quality monitoring systems make your work environment healthy, safe and most importantly....
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Plastic, Wood & Paper Recycling

Plastic, Wood and Paper recycling is managed and processed through our sister company, Blue Planet....
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Confidential Information Destruction

Trust Ag Envirotech to pickup, destroy and potentially recover materials for recycling. We can handle....
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Hazardous Waste Recycling Containers
Hazardous and Industrial Waste Removal

Worry Free Service: Our staff are trained, certified and licensed. Our trucks are properly licensed,....
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Start recycling your materials with Ag Envirotech today and we will decrease your costs and increase your revenues.

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