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While all plastics are technically recyclable, some types are far easier to recycle than others. Commercial quantities or large consistent supply that is clean and clear from metals or other contaminants is most desirable.  Here is a brief guide to those

plastics that are frequently accepted by Blue Planet Recycling:

(Some plastics are marked with a triangle and number)

Number 1: PETE

Polyethylene Terephthalate is used primarily for plastic water bottles, soda bottles and in food packaging clamshells or other thermo-formed packaging.  This plastic is relatively easy to recycle.

Number 2: HDPE

High Density Polyethylene is the most common plastic.  It is used widely in many products and applications from food containers, detergent bottles, crates, barrels, pipe, tubes, bread trays, inventory boxes, bladders and other totes. HDPE is the most universally used plastic.

Number 3: PVC

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is commonly used in flexible and rigid applications.  Pipe, swimming pool liners, binders, plastic windows or window profile are all examples of PVC.  Many conventional recyclers do not accept PVC because it is challenging to recycle and very difficult to process. Blue Planet Recycling is highly knowledgeable in PVC recycling and we accept PVC pipe, window profile and other rigid and flexible PVC.

Number 4: LDPE

Low Density Polyethylene is most commonly used in the production of bags – bread bags, grocery bags, stretch film, shrink wrap and bottles that can be squeezed.

Number 5: PP

Polypropylene is almost as widely used as polyethylene but differs in strength and chemical resistance. Straws, cloudy water bottles, medicine bottles, and ketchup and syrup containers are among the most common consumer uses for polypropylene.  In industrial applications, Polypropylene is frequently used for large containers or flexible lids for metal containers.

Number 6: PS

Polystyrene in rigid form can be made into sheet or molded into parts.  Used commonly for signs or in electronics.  Foamed styrene, or styrofoam is a very common packaging.

Number 7: OTHER

Many engineered plastics such as Acrylics, Polycarbonates, ABS and Nylons all get lumped into #7.   These plastics are used widely in specialized products, electronics and for clear bullet-proof glass. Recognizable consumer products include CD’s, iPods, medical devices, and sports equipment.

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