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We’ve seen it all and we have the experience to design a solid program. Leverage our knowledge and let us determine how best to handle your by-products and recycling needs.  We will propose a system with not only your operational efficiency in mind, but with care and attention to where things go. You will be truly proud of how well your materials are handled.

Our audit will offer suggestions and recommendations, a comparison to similar operations and advice to help you become a leader in your respective industry.  You can bank on our experience to improve your Corporate Social Responsibility.


More and more customers look at an overall picture of who they do business with.  How good is your environmental image?  By working with us you will have a lot to be proud of.  Many of our customers that utilize Blue Planet services are proud to include their resulting efforts in their annual reports, newsletters and advertising.  Doing business with Blue Planet has many benefits for your Corporate Socially Responsible image:

  • We can provide regular reporting and tracking.
  • We will work on the best solutions for your materials and show you where they go so you can communicate that with your employees and clients.
  • We are happy to be associated with your brand – use Blue Planet on your website or in advertising to promote your efforts.

“88% of consumers said they were more likely to buy from a company that supports and engages in activities to improve society.

– Better Business Journey, UK Small Business Consortium


CSR is about more than environmental responsibility or having a recycling policy. CSR is about considering the big picture, now and in the future, from your day to day internal processes through to your clients or customers.

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