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Blue Planet’s Plastic Recycling pickup service is available for a with a full range of services for the 7 different types of plastic. Unlike traditional waste recycling, plastic recycling requires specific techniques to ensure efficiency and maximize the value of the end product – a plastic regrind or pellet used in manufacturing. Our facilities are designed to process large industrial quantities of plastics by grinding up the material and then pelletizing it. In addition to our pelletizing service, we can also  can separate out resins or remove foreign material from specific resins. We can also pulverize material or separate out colors.

Our expertise and dedication makes us the premier choice for recycling Vancouver’s industrial plastic waste. We are pleased to be able to offer our pickup and delivery services in the areas of Surrey, Burnaby, Langley, Richmond, and the rest of Metro Vancouver. Blue Planet Recycling is proud to announce that we are now serving the Calgary, Edmonton and Seattle Washington area as well.

For our recycling customers in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey and Langley, recycling Langley, recycling Surrey, recycling Burnaby and recycling Vancouver customers, we are able to offer a comprehensive on-site audit of their current facilities and suggest an appropriate industrial plastic scrap-recycling plan.

Our customers benefit in two ways. Not only are they able to lower garbage disposal costs, but they can also receive a financial bonus. Because we find the best possible markets for our end product plastics from recycling, we can rebate our customers for their scrap plastics. We believe that recycling is not only good for the planet, but also great for business.

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