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In need of product destruction services but want to see these items get recycled?  Have us pick up your skids of unwanted material, harvest out recyclables and destroy or dispose of it properly.

  • Reduce your waste bill, dispose of materials in good conscience, and trust us to find the best markets possible for all the components.
  • Protect your brand and reputation while preventing your products from resurfacing in unwanted markets.

Our Product Destruction service includes:

  • Brand protection
  • Defective/recalled goods
  • Past dated inventory
  • Obsolete inventory
  • Damaged goods
  • Product depackaging for recycling or destruction

In some cases we pay you a rebate, and other times this service is a cheaper option than having your waste service provider take these items to the landfill. We start by sorting all incoming materials into the different commodity categories and ship off the recyclable components to their most efficient end markets. Not all materials are recyclable, so we dispose of these in the most environmentally friendly way possible. For sensitive products, prototypes or other highly sensitive materials we offer different levels of destruction, complete with certificates, photos, samples or inspections. Please call or email today for a quote and next day service.

For additional information on our brand protection and how it works click here.

Please call or email today for a quote and next day service.

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