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We offer programs in many areas that focus on industrial waste by-products.  Quantity and quality is very important for the viability of a program. We are experts in collecting, processing and adding value to all materials we handle. Please see below for information on specific materials we recycle.

Our Process

All materials that we accept are upgraded into uses that are not only innovative, but we take great care to select end markets that are responsible and return the best value to our customers.

Plastics are collected, sorted and re-processed to be made into new products.

Food Waste and Packaged Foods are first sorted, depackaged and processed to end up as soils or animal feeds.  We recycle the wood skids, plastic shrink wrap and right down to the plastic packaging that often includes actual metal and paper.

Hazardous and Industrial Wastes are legally transported (we have a Hazardous Carrier License) and taken to our network of experts in each respective area – flammables are turned into fuel blends, acids are neutralized and other materials are handled according to Provincial and Federal Laws that we answer to.

X-ray, NDT and Litho Films are first sorted.  Any medical records or sensitive information is incinerated.  The films are enzyme bathed to release silver concentrate. The resulting silver is recovered and the clear PET plastic is recycled into carpet fibre.

Wood recycling programs start with a shred, then metal separation.  Clean wood shred is used in many areas including fibre, fuel and landscape applications.

Cardboard, Paper and Fibre is sent to a pulp mill for new paper.

Metals go to a smelter to be remade into new metal.

Glass is used as an ingredient in reflective road paint, insulation or compacting draining fill.

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