Packaged Products and Organics Recycling Solution!

Blue Planet specializes in recycling packaged and organic products from the food, manufacturing & logistics industries. With our experience, knowledge and resources we are your perfect solution.


  • Labour Savings – we pick up product on skids. No need to transfer into compactors or roll offs, saving you time and money.
  • Warehouse Space – we can pick up a combination of materials in any configuration. No need to accumulate each material for a full load. We pick up skidded product, plastics, metals, wood hazmat and more!
  • No outdoor storage or weather condition issues. We pick up full skids right from your loading dock.
  • Assured Destruction – our recycling process assures complete destruction and confidentiality. A Certificate of Destruction is promptly provided.



  • We pick up your materials on skids
  • Materials are mechanically separated (organics, packaging, wood, plastics)
  • Organics are processed by CFIA approved method into by-product (such as dirt or rendered)
  • Plastic, paper, cardboard and wood packaging is recycled
  • We achieve a recycling rate of up to 100%