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Industrial scrap recycling has become a crucial business practice and a fundamental way of life. Reusing materials such as plastic, glass, aluminum and paper means less manufacturing expense and reduced pollution and stress on the environment. Re-purposing these materials requires fewer resources and lowers greenhouse gas emissions as opposed to making new materials.  By reprocessing used materials rather than disposing of them, the world will reduce the flow of the solid waste stream headed for already overtaxed landfills or to third world countries for dumping.

Blue Planet Recycling is the leading Metro Vancouver center for recycling post-industrial scrap resins. With as early as next day pickups and deliveries in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Burnaby and Calgary, Edmonton and Seattle, Blue Planet Recycling makes it easier than ever before to recycle your plastic products and receive clean, re-purposed polymer pellets suitable for a variety of industrial uses. We service all of BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Washington State including Seattle, Everett Tacoma and other centers. Regionally we are in the Okanagan, Vancouver Island, and the Lower Mainland.

Blue Planet Recycling pays (rebates or buys) all types of premium plastics, in large consistent quantities. Not only does it “pay” to recycle, it contributes to preserving natural resources by replacing them with recycled products, reducing the toll on the planet and benefiting us all.

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