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In the Vancouver area, we recycle food waste from Industrial Operations into everyday useful products which can include soils, animal feeds, protein rendering or power generation. Our process starts by sorting Food Wastes for recycling – we determine the best method possible that returns the highest benefit from the end product. Blue Planet Food Waste Recycling uses several channels to process pre-consumer organics food waste.

Composting for Soil and Energy Recovery

There are several methods of composting Food Waste including open and covered windrows, aerated static piles, and in-vessel technologies to name a few. A newly emerging technology in BC is called “anaerobic digestion”, which takes organic wastes like food material and captures methane in the process to create renewable energy. In the basic composting process – naturally occurring microorganisms decompose organic waste. Composting facilities manage the proper balance of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, moisture and temperature to create a saleable product that is made available for a variety of uses in landscaping, erosion control, and farming applications.

Finished compost is tested and graded, which determines its final use. The resulting product can be used on site at the processing facility such as a farm, or it can be sold as a product that enriches soil by improving its structure and increasing its moisture and nutrient retention. When compost is used in farming, gardening and landscaping applications, it provides organic nutrients to plants without the use of chemical fertilizers and retains moisture in the soil, reducing the need for watering.

Food Waste Recycling: Protein for Animal Feeds and Fertilizer

Our goal at Blue Planet Recycling is to support new technologies and the development of methods that take an innovative approach to recycling. One such technology is the use of bug larvae to consume Organic Food waste and transform nutrients into fat and protein. These valuable by-products are then used in animal feeds and fertilizers. Blue Planet carefully screens and selects products that qualify for this program, through our unique ability to de-package, sort and then select specific downstream processes for products that arrive to us – even if mixed on one truck.Organics Recycling: Rendering for Protein Meal and Oil

Certain Organic Food Wastes can qualify for rendering – a process that cooks and separates materials into oils and protein meals. Organic Food Waste that works in this process includes fatty foods, meats, and oils. Valuable proteins and rendered fats are then used in products such as animal feed, cosmetics and biodiesel.

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