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Frequently Asked Questions

Please send us an email or give us a call. We will be happy to assist you..

We offer rebate programs for higher value industrial plastics and metals in large quantities and/or consistent supply. Our fee services are significantly less costly than hauling to landfill. We also offer a free pickup service on some materials. Please call or email for more information..

First, look for a symbol on the plastic. If there is no symbol try a burn test (do not inhale directly!) For further information, click here.

  • Type of material or description: Describe what you have, look for identification symbols, colour of the material, condition or send along any spec sheets you can get from the original manufacturer of the material.
  • Quantity and density description – for example: “I have 5 skids, wrapped and about 5 feet high, they weigh 350 lbs each” or “I have 360 pieces of 24” diameter pipe, black HDPE weigh 24 lbs per foot.
  • Photos – snap a few shots with your phone and send them along to us
  • Location – where is this material located?
  • Email us this info.

Scrap material’s value (plastic, metals etc) depends on several factors and the more information you can provide the better we can assess the value and give you a prompt answer.

  1. Type or plastic or metals – Certain types of plastics and metals are more valuable than others; acrylics and polycarbonates are more valuable than LDPE or PVC for example.
  2. Quantity – Small batches are inefficient and harder to process, but we may “batch” your scrap with someone else’s! Large consistent and ongoing supplies are most valuable.
  3. Contamination – Materials from manufacturing that are clean, consistent and have no stickers, labels, metals or dirt attached to them are obviously more valuable than dirty oil bottles or drums with hazardous residues.
  4. Origin – Where did the material originate from?
  5. Location – Where is the material located? Proximity to one of our plants makes a difference in freight costs.
  6. Processing cost – is the material an easy grind or is there a lot of labour involved?

More info on our rebate programs page

See our triangle code chart to identify different types of plastic.

We accept all industrial plastics with the symbol #1 – #7 . Please call or email for details.

We supply industries from every imaginable sector. See our chart for more information.

Our manufacturing plant is in Langley, BC but can service many additional markets with affiliate partners in Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton, Seattle, and Portland. Please click here for our full list of market areas served.

We work with you to solve your specific needs. We pay competitively and honestly. We are highly professional, efficient and we use environmentally friendly practices. Plastic Recycling is our specialty but we have over twenty year’s experience handling all types of recyclable materials.

We specialize in selling reprocessed plastic, metal, hazardous wastes and other materials back to domestic users for products made locally. We do not just ship everything off to the developing world. This not only ensures materials are recycled in regulated jurisdictions, but allows us to maximize the value of the materials we recycle. Visit our about page for more information.

We pickup pre-consumer organics (packaged food products) and access innovative solutions for nutritional content recovery.  From fortifying organic soil to animal feeds we have well researched and ready solutions, many of which are CFIA certified.  In our process all materials are “destroyed” – the packaging is removed and recycled, and the product is destroyed well beyond recognition guaranteeing destruction.  We even recycle down to the shrink wrap and wood pallet!  See our Organics page for more information.

No, unfortunately we are an industrial plastics recycler.  Please contact your local waste company for alternative options.  See our styrofoam page for more information.

Provided that it is clean, you can deliver it to us for free.  Please call us before you come by.

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