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Distribution, Water Bottle Trays and Crates

We recycle HDPE crates, trays or PP crates from various industries including food, bottling, dairy, bakery and water industries. We purchase HDPE and PP material in large quantities.

Recycling crates or trays starts with a smart collection process that is efficient and cost effective.  Because crates are generally light, care and attention must be taken with program setup to ensure freight efficiency.  Once crates are picked up or delivered to our facility the processing begins.  We start with a thorough inspection and sorting to ensure no debris or contaminants make it into our finished reprocessed resin product.  Once we are satisfied that the product is clean, we grind materials into a regrind flake, and then package it for the next step, which may include sale to an injection molder for manufacturing of new parts, or the regrind is further processed into pellets.  Eventually HDPE crates from bottling, dairy, bakery or water industries that we recycle are turned into similar products in their second life.

We are committed to selecting local markets for our reclaimed HDPE crate and tray materials—we look for local uses and wherever possible and support local manufacturing. Blue Planet Recycling has a reputation for providing high quality cost-effective reclaimed resins for the injection industry – materials from crate and tray recycling.

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