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Our goal at Blue Planet is customer service and satisfaction.

When it comes to our responsibility for confidentiality, we take your brand protection very seriously.

As a manufacturer, distributor, or logistics service provider with a trusted brand, your reputation is critical to your bottom line. Reselling of branded merchandise poses a major threat to your reputation, so discarding excess inventory, spoiled organics, off-spec product or other distressed materials by simply taking it to the landfill isn’t an option. In addition to legal protection, Blue Planet Recycling provides the extremely advantageous benefit of Corporate Social Responsibility. While destroying, we are also recycling. That’s just smart business.

Blue Planet’s destruction service is a documented process whereby products are destroyed or recycled with the process being documented in order to  in full capacity, ensuring that the product is not being resold or utilized illegally. We handle product destruction in a professional, confidential, and cost efficient timely manner.

Depending on the product and level of destruction required, there are many different alternative destruction and recycling options, methods and technologies available.

These options include:

  • Dismantling into components and recycling
  • Organics Food Waste de-packaging and composting, recycling packaging
  • Waste-to-Energy Incineration
  • Recycle/reuse or facilitated donation
  • Waste water treatment
  • Shredding
  • Ingredient, commodity or material capture for reuse in other processes

We will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction including diversion information showing how much recycling occurred. Upon request, we can provide photos, video or in-person inspections. This guarantee of certified destruction is to protect your liabilities, brand image, and proprietary information.

Let’s face it. The stakes are high for your business and your company brand. If your product falls into the wrong hands and is sold on the “grey market,” your company can face serious brand erosion, faulty or defective liabilities or terrible publicity.  Don’t take any chances, let Blue Planet handle your product destruction needs and rest assured that we are making the best decisions possible for your brand and the environment.

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